Today we found this new amazing snack. They are now a new favorite. These “chips” are raw kale air dried and packed with nutrients. There are a few different flavors – we went with curry and love the added spice. A little pricey but worth it. Of course, we now have these great ambitions to dry our own kale with summer but if this plan should fall short we will be picking up this for convenience.

Amy’s Kitchen frozen meals…

Tonight we had a frozen dinner. Fairly rare for us to eat a frozen dinner. It was an Amy’s Kitchen Veggie Lasagna. I was at home so I was able to put it in the oven for around 45 minutes, so mine was probably tastier than Amy’s who had her in a microwave because she was at work. Not amazing, but good for a frozen meal.



The last couple of days we have been fairly tired and lazy.  We have been running errands and then there is my weird work schedule making it tough to cook dinners at home.  Thursday night we went over to our favorite pizza place, Messengers.  They have a great salad bar, offer really good beer and they have some great vegetarian options that we love.  One guilty pleasure, I’m sorry to say, does have cream cheese on it (definitely not vegan) – called the jalapeño popper. I don’t think I have to say how guilty I feel after eating it but it is really good.
We are struggling to cut out dairy completely because there are some things we just really enjoy.  Still, we have cut way back and are using alternatives where it makes since for us.  Some things that we really like (and you won’t miss the dairy) are Vegenaise and Earth Balance.  I also really enjoy almond milk as my milk substitute but for recipes I’m still experimenting with what works best.  Small steps…

Still learning…

Coffee cream substitutes are really hard to adjust to

Don’t make a tofu mousse for company that isn’t vegetarian

Lack of meal planning may mean wine and crackers for dinner (and, I’m really ok with that sometimes)

Vegan cookies are amazing!

More to come…


It can be so overwhelming when looking at all the foods available and their various health benefits. We’ve been eating this way for years but find ourselves falling into the habit of eating the same foods. So, Jerad and I have decided to add one new thing each week. This last week it’s kale. Now, it’s not the first time we have every had kale but it’s the first time we decided to add it to our regular diet. I am actually surprised at how much I like it. It has a very distinctive flavor but fairly mild. It’s one of the healthiest vegetables that everyone should be eating and a great addition to our weekly menu. This week we used it in only cooked dishes- tacos (not really my favorite combination as it can take over the flavor) and tonight with a brown-rice syrup mustard tempeh mixture as a warm salad topping – really good.




Vegan Fish Tacos

Not having had fish for several years, we finally decided to try vegan fish filets from Natural Grocers. They’re called Sophie’s Kitchen Breaded Vegan Fish Fillets. We picked up everything we needed for fish tacos: cabbage, corn tortillas, and avocado. Amy made a homemade sauce to go with it, with vegan mayo. They were great. Amy was a bit concerned about just how much they tasted like fish!…Jerad

Keeping a record

So the goal is to keep a record of our experiences going through life as vegetarians (lacto) in a town just learning what that means.  We look forward to the day when we ask for vegetarian options at a restaurant and aren’t given the fish and chicken options. At the same time, we want to journal our experiences and our own experiments as we learn to broaden our menu and share our passion with friends and family.  This is for our reference and recipe box.  If anyone reads it, I hope it’s entertaining… Amy