Happy New Year- really.

We are told that our town hasn’t seen this much snow in 20 years.  Boy, is it cold and I don’t see it going anywhere soon.  I follow a lot of chicken sites, homesteaders and gardeners on Facebook. I like the camaraderie and seeing how others are getting through this winter.  Snow can be pretty but all that gets lost in frozen water buckets and frozen oatmeal chunks hanging from feeders.  Still,  January will go fast and I need to start planning for Spring.

We had planned on small expansions year by year but I think we are actually going to scale back a bit this year. It is a shame for food to go to waste and even though a large amount of what we grow is for our animals we can only harvest so much.

My plans for this year will be to refine and tweak. We have unfinished projects to finish that will take priority. Also, this year I want to refocus my attentions to processing and storing all those cherries, apricots, berries, peaches, grapes and apples. Not to mention all the garden harvest.  I will have to let you know how this is going.

We are trying to decide if we will go to market or just sell directly to consumer. Either way we will have more than enough work and produce – I have never seen a gardener without surplus.

Planning- honestly, as much as I complain about the cold (and I mean every word of it), January 1 is always exciting to me. I love to plan and think about the possibilities for the year. Did you know that from today we will have gained 4 minutes of daylight on Jan 1?  Have hope.

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