And so it goes…

We have been working hard at preparing the garden beds and getting ready to go to farmers market. This is been a long and slow process and we have decided to take it as it comes.   This is been hard because we had to readjust our goals but this is a huge relief of meeting a quickly approaching deadline.   With more than half the garden planted we are hoping to go to market within a couple of weeks.  The rest will go in over the next few days.  Finally!!

The new pasture seed is finally coming up and the mud is turning to grass.  I have become… good… at setting siphon tubes.   For those of you that don’t know, this is where you have to coax running water from a ditch into a little 1 inch tube and pray it makes it all the way down the field.  So it is nothing short of a miracle when the field started to grow.


We have had a very wonderful relationship with two roosters that we inherited with the house. They became quick pets and a very special part of this place.  We lost them to a predator last week.   Even now I’m having trouble talking about it.  For those that don’t know the amazing companionship of a pet I feel sorry for you. What a great time we had.  Here’s to Big Red and Lucky Boy – we will sure miss them.

I believe that we were planted here on this small farm for a reason. At least I hope so- there have been a lot of ups and downs even since my last post. I will spare you the details. But- only for now – because without sharing the honesty of the hard it would diminish the joy of the good.


Big Red and Lucky Boy

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