The Farm – update

Sharing anything personal has never been my strong point. So I’m a bit surprised that I feel that I need to share the experiences that we have been going through over the last several months. Maybe because I think there are some genuinely interested in what we are doing, or maybe just because as hard as it has been the adventure is still a good story and I want to remember it. Maybe the kids will get a kick out of my notes one day.

Short rambling timeline of events– just the highlights.

The Farm

October 2015: Rented the house in town to move 40 miles out of town to 11 acres. Living the dream – finally just taking the huge leap of faith to do what is important to us. The local food, sustainable living, homesteading, non-GMO and global food crisis is really important to us. Ready to work. There will be sacrifices and we are ok with that. The house is not what we expected. Cleaning is all we can think about now – we removed the carpet in the house to find wood floors. They need work but it could have been worse. It’s getting colder and the baseboard aren’t sealed – the wind is just blowing through the house. There also seems to be a large area of the floor that isn’t insulated. Not sure. The 2 hens and 2 roosters that were left behind have been penned in the aviary (yep) with the 8 doves. I have affectionately named the hens Marianne and Ginger while the roosters are Big Red and Lucky Boy. I hate having them in these small pens – they own the place. But, I don’t need baby chicks running all over. We have 5 hens that have yet to make the move and 31 chicks in the breezeway.


November 2015: The house is a wreck and a lot more work than we had thought. Not to mention the insulation, heating, whatever isn’t keeping the house warm and the move in ready house is not move in ready – and we are hosting Thanksgiving. We are in the process of desperately building a chick run since what we thought would be the chicken coop/run is not workable (putting it nicely).   It will be less time and money to start over. Marianne and Ginger remain in the pen – it’s a good place for them. I have released Lucky Boy and Big Red. They need to be free range. There is a small pond in the yard – starting to freeze – we will need to watch that as it’s full of fish. Sunsets are pretty here.

December 2015: First chicken coop and run is complete – hens moved here end of November. We finally got the wallpaper stripped off the living room walls and painted – big improvement. The other rooms of will have to wait – just not on the priority list. We have not unpacked most of the household items – things are everywhere and we can’t find anything. I am feeling isolated and the short days are depressing. The truck broke down on my way to the store – apparently something significant… will have to wait. So, the car broke down too. Both car and truck going to the shop – borrowing a car.

January 2016: Truck and car out of the shop. Starting on the second chicken coop and run. Chicks are growing fast and adding pressure to get them out of the breezeway/chicken tractor. Roosters too – they are really pretty but need their own space. It’s stupid cold and the heating bill is over $500. There are now 7 doves – did I mention we have 13+ barn cats that came with the house. They like to hunt and got a dove. We have to work on the aviary wire. We mostly have kittens but several adults too so I am feeding them to get them through the winter. One I have named Mamma (she has kittens) and she follows us around. I feel bad for them. We finished the second shed and are working on the run – starting to move the pullets out with the hens. They hate each other. Big Red and Lucky Boy are our buddies. Really fun to have around and they run after us to see what we are doing – they are getting spoiled. image

February 2016: I think the days are getting longer. Heating bill going down – only $300 this time. Thinking about alternative energy. Garden seeds are ordered. Feeling a little more hopeful. Plotting out the 6 acres of bare ground that are getting imagetransformed into our market garden area. Very ambitious but why not. Live once – leave a legacy. Finally getting some clean up done around the place – trees are pruned. Old run down arbor came down and berries trimmed. Fish in the pond died. Not sure why. We are burning some of the pasture off – lots of weeds around the ditch. Oops – the whole pasture. Going to an Ag symposium – kind of looking forward to it. That was a waste of time and money – not relevant to anything we are doing. No one knows what the heck a CSA or market garden is. Started the onion seeds and artichokes. Really feel the clock ticking. Started plotting out the gardens – this is fun. Can start to see the outlines coming together. Digging the walkways in the gardens – not so fun. Ordering pasture seed for our small animal/chicken pasture and areas we are ready to deal with this year… expensive but mandatory. Sorting seeds packets for early indoor starts. I’m not sure where these are going – but it’s happening. Found a grant to have barn cats fixed – they sent me vouchers for free services. Just have to trap the cats – appointment in April.   Looking for live traps to borrow – not looking forward to that.


March 2016: All about starting seeds. Snow geese coming through by the thousands- amazing as they take over the surrounding fields.

Well, that should get you all caught up. We have a very busy spring planned. Going to market end of April. We have a lot to do . I am really wanting to get back to making bread and yogurt, etc. and hopefully have more to talk about there. Eventually, I think, we will get some of the building done and the work will level out leaving time for more balance. We’ll see.

I really feel this is important and it’s hard work – we appreciate those that have given us encouragement.


Big Red

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