Urban no more

You had to see this coming…

Today I am officially removing the term “urban” from our blog title. Although I am a big advocate (and will continue to be) for urban homesteading and gardening, this no longer fits.

We are now farmers (well, kinda) living on an 11 acre homestead.  Needless to say between Summer of 2015 and January 2016 a lot has happened.  We look forward to sharing this adventure and all its ups and downs.  We are not rich professionals with a large savings who one day decided to move to the country.  This is a pure leap of faith.

To start things off I am sharing a link with you.  This site does an amazing job of explaining what we’re working for (for those of you who have asked).

What is a CSA?


Amy and Jerad

IMG_2510 (2)






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