Relk’s mini farm

Our mini farm continues to grow. I am learning a lot this year. Specifically, more than ever we are really trying to max out our space by intercropping and succession planting. I am also squeezing our planting distances. Probably more so than anyone would recommend but so far so good.

We doubled our garden size this year – who needs that much grass anyway. I also moved away from row planting which goes against everything I know and saw growing up. I also disregarded the recommendations for raised beds. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice this valuable space for clear defined walking paths – just ask my husband who wasn’t allowed in this space until all plants were fully visible.

So far we have been very happy with the results. We got a jump on planting due to a ridiculously mild winter so we have already harvest our Yukon Gold potatoes, cabbage and onions. All of which have already been replaced with their successor. Beans and peas are on and we have an amazing tomato crop ripening. Of course, the spring crops are done and I am setting up for our Fall planting now. Crop rotation is fascinating and I am learning how important this is.

We did everything from non-GMO heirloom seeds (organic too when possible). It’s been so rewarding and I hope to have enough starts next year to share- even more than this year.

I have found some amazing books and websites. I am compiling my list and will add them soon. One of the hardest things we have found is sourcing our homesteading supplies, feeds, seeds, etc. We support local as much as possible but also don’t wanted to be limited by the local retailers. This has been a big problem with our bee supplies – finally settling with two suppliers that I’m happy with but shipping is a problem.

Finally, as the harvest comes on I am learning to store food. We bought a food dehydrator and some freezer bags. Canning scares me the most but I will give it a shot!

Here’s some of what we’ve been doing. Hope you enjoy!

Starting seeds

Starting seeds

Organic non-GMO

The girls got an upgrade

The girls got an upgrade


New this year!!

New this year!!

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