Bring on the bread

I decided that I want to master the art of bread making. It just seems like a must for a self proclaimed urban homesteader. Inspired by Ian Knauer (The Farm) and Anna Hess (Weekend Homesteader) I have become obsessed with this challenge. Also, I must say Martha Stewart makes it look really easy – but from what I am finding,it apparently takes some practice.

There are so many recipes and I am amazed at how much there is to know. I decided to just jump in with a couple of simple recipes I found.

Attempt #1- One word, yum. This was amazing (and beautiful). A simple French bread and it was AMAZING. So, my confidence was high and turned around to try a molasses wheat loaf.

French Bread

Attempt #2- Huh. It was going so good–until I cut it. It was so pretty but I forgot to dock the top. I’m still trying to figure out if that is all that went wrong or if there is something else? Beautiful on the outside but the inside separated and fell. No tears- just disappointed.



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