Farmer’s Cheese

Today we met a guy with a cow- a Jersey.  Amazing raw milk that was crying to be made into something special.  Ice cream, of course; butter, yes.  Cheese!

Ok, so I have tried this before. Thankfully, that attempt was with regular store bought whole milk because it didn’t work. This time, using our precious (and more expensive) raw milk I was taking no chances.

In full disclosure, this is a simple and easy recipe so I was confused by what went wrong. After some brief research I discovered that the milk hadn’t gotten hot enough. When cooking milk it is actually deceiving to gage temperature off of the bubbles forming around the sides.  This time around I brought the temperature way up almost to a boil.  That did it!

The recipe says it will keep for a week- not around here! Drizzled with olive oil- so good! It’s a great treat – mild and creamy.

There are lots of great farmer’s cheese recipes online. I used one with fresh lemon juice rather than vinegar. I love the fresh lemon flavor with my fresh herbs.

I used 1 quart (4 cups) raw milk,  1/2 teaspoon salt and a full lemon for my base.  Finished with salt, pepper, fresh herbs and olive oil.



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