Spring brings new life…

The Girls

It’s been a very long time since my last post.  I have missed journaling and sharing, but, a job change, house purchase and move, dead computer, new business, wedding and whatever else life has thrown our way has kept us preoccupied.

Busyness has kept us from not just sharing but actively participating in the things that are so important to us.  We have been doing the minimal cooking, planning and learning – just getting by but not enjoying it.

No more.

Getting back into cooking and exploring ways to broaden our vegetarian diet/health is not only out of enjoyment, but necessity.  And, we have taken it one step further jumping on the urban farm movement.  Yep, even backyard chickens.

It has been a busy and exciting spring.  Transforming lawns into vegetable gardens, building a chicken coop/run, and setting up a rain barrel just skims the surface of my long chore list.  Hard work that is full of purpose and life- and I love it.

Look forward to sharing this journey – lots to learn.

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