No, we don’t eat jello…

It’s everywhere. Cereal, vitamins, marshmallows, candy, desserts, frosting, yogurt, gel capsules, …

Gelatin is hidden in a lot of foods you wouldn’t consider a problem for vegetarians. Actually, anything “gummy” probably has gelatin. It’s hidden in all kinds of foods. We check the ingredients of everything that may contain it. It’s even hidden in gummy vitamins or capsules of some medications – so we don’t buy those brands. It makes shopping very difficult.

Simply put, “Gelatin is an animal by-product sourced from animal hooves, bones, cartilages, and other parts of abattoir meat leftovers. As such, it’s not appropriate for anyone whose diet excludes animal derived products or products from animals killed for consumption.” (Source below*)

And, we prefer not to eat it. We often have to explain our food choices but this one is hard. It’s hidden in all kinds of foods. But, the good news, there are lots of substitutes. Guar gum, xanthan gum, and arrowroot are some of the most popular if baking at home. There is also a plant based gelatin on the market.

If you’re interested in other hidden animal products or more substitute ideas here is a good article:


2 thoughts on “No, we don’t eat jello…

  1. Finally had a chance to take a look at this…good stuff! Hope all is well.

    Could you hook me up with some good use for plums? I have like 6lbs of fresh plums that won’t get eaten before they go bad, we love plums but can’t seem to eat them quickly enough in their raw form. Maybe a nutty cake or bread?
    – Chris.


  2. Hi Chris, Great to hear from you!
    Well, two things come to mind with plums – I’m jealous! Check out these links. Not sure what sounds better – The Plum Brandy or Roasted Plum, Ginger and Honey Ice Cream. Either way, you have my phone number and we want some 🙂

    Let me know what you end up doing!



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