Vitamin B-12

There has been a lot of talk recently about vitamin B-12 deficiencies in vegan/vegetarian diets. Truth is it’s possible for meat eaters to be B-12 deficient as well and it’s something we should all be concerned about. B-12 is necessary for a health nervous system and specifically in prevention of heart disease and stroke. As a vegetarian I am very concerned about eating my vitamins. Because of this, I have little need for supplements. But recent attention to this issue has me doing my research.

As a ovo-lacto vegetarian it is possible to get B-12 through dairy products and eggs. Still, most people who know me know I struggle with eggs and most dairy so this is not a reliable source of B-12 for me. The option then for me – a supplement. According to, unlike most B vitamins B-12 is not found in any plant based food and a supplement is necessary if you eat limited or no animal product at all.

The good news, if you’re not sure – WebMd also says it’s impossible to consume too much B-12 as it has low toxicity and no adverse side effects. So, bottom line, do your own research and take your supplement.

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