I’m back…

Needless to say I have been away for a couple of weeks. Jerad and I went to Victoria, BC with his parents for several days. Jerad and I drove home from Seattle where we had a quick visit with Aunt Bev and Madeline. Went through Walla Walla, WA and said hello to Aunt Beth (who owns Peach and Pear the best yogurt shop in the west!). Then home for me to quickly turn around and fly to Knoxville, TN for several days. Yes, I’m tired and very happy to be sleeping in my own bed.

Jerad and I have been discussing what to post regarding our eats in Victoria. What we have to say is a little much for the blog and you may not be up for the full version so I will boil it down to this… these are our kind of people. It was such an amazing experience to be in an area that not only offered choice to vegetarians but an over abundance of options in restaurants to menu items. They are not only vegetarian friendly throughout the city but vegan and gluten free friendly. We ate SOOO good and were finally able to have a week of stress free dining. It was great.

Also, I just want to add that while in Knoxville for a conference I was pleasantly surprised to see that each night at dinner I had a vegetarian option. Living in Boise and struggling to find any options at all (other than a substituted garden burger) I was amazed that they had considered this in their planning. So one thing that I want to say is this – make the eating choices you feel right for you and your family (for whatever reason – preference, health, medical, or all the above), make requests to your grocery stores and restaurants because there are people out there that support you but they need to hear from you, don’t apologize for asking questions or making requests – you are not being difficult. Things are changing.

Back to it,


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