Brown Rice Syrup

If you haven’t been using brown rice syrup you’re missing out. The mild flavor is wonderful on anything you may use honey for. Also, it’s a great substitute in recipes where a liquid sweetener can be added. Here is some information from the brown rice syrups website (link below) …”this kind of syrup takes bigger time to digest thus maintain the energy flow for longer period. So, apart from controlling the blood-sugar levels, organic Brown Rice Syrups has a healthy effect on your cholesterol levels and may help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

We love the mild flavor but do find that different brands do taste different so find the one you like best. Also, with 1/3 the sweetness of honey (which we really like) you can’t be too shy if you’re trying to sweeten a recipe. Some brands are more expensive than others but it’s worth every penny for the health benefits.

If you can’t find it at your grocer ask them to carry it – chances are they will honor your request.


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