One of my favorite meals that we cook on a regular basis is tacos. We make many variations, some with meatless substitutes, but a lot of times with just black or pinto beans and rice. It is quick, easy and healthier than your traditional American tacos. I’m a slow cook, and I can make these in under 15 minutes. I sliced up an onion, and allowed it to caramelize for a couple minutes. Next, I added a meatless filling. Tonight, I used my favorite, Yves Taco Stuffers (wheat and soy gluten). It comes pre-seasoned and tastes great.  I let that cook for about 4-5 minutes, then added black beans. I cooked some corn tortillas on the stovetop, right on the burner. Then added a little sharp cheddar and jalapenos and was done. You can also just add your topping to a bed of lettuce and you have a taco salad. Amy and I find ourselves cooking a lot of Mexican inspired meals, but this one is a staple for busy weeknights.


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