Easy cabbage rolls

They are a big hit here. Easy, easy, easy but they take a little time. Caramelize diced onion in a couple of teaspoons extra virgin olive oil, add carrots till they start to brown then a head of cabbage and season with salt and pepper. This would be a great place for added spice but it’s not really necessary as the flavors of the vegetables just really come together.

Alli rolled the filling into egg roll wraps and we fried them until golden brown. These are my favorite wraps…

Jerad and I came up with a sauce of veganaise, Dijon mustard, brown rice syrup, salt and pepper to dip them in. We used left over rice from last nights dinner, added mushrooms to the unused filling that didn’t make it into the rolls.

Great dinner, lots of clean up – but worth it.

Gram, if your reading this – we saved some cabbage rolls and they’re coming in your next delivery!

Good eats!


One thought on “Easy cabbage rolls

  1. By the way, these wraps have eggs in the ingredients. This is where the “real life” thing comes in. As much as I don’t want to eat eggs and won’t add them purposely sometimes it’s really difficult. This is the struggle as I would love to eliminate all dairy in my diet but it’s really hard.


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