Cleaning up…

So tonight Amy made dinner and I did the cleanup. As I was cleaning up the pile of dishes and pans I was thinking about how much I don’t miss meat. I was thinking about all the benefits from not eating meat and the lack of sacrifice that many think you have when you give up meat. Here are just a couple of example of how we benefited tonight: zero heart disease causing grams of saturated fat, no pigs, chickens or other animals were shipped all over the continent, no gristle, or gizzards, and no meat grease splatter when cleaning. Some think that you give up a lot or sacrifice when changing to a plant based diet. However it is quite the contrary, especially when you have a brilliant cook for a wife. Here is one example:
She asked me to put together a sauce for the spring rolls tonight. I open the refrigerator and see nothing more than a tad bit of mustard, and a few other condiments. She sees an amazing sauce.


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