The last couple of days we have been fairly tired and lazy.  We have been running errands and then there is my weird work schedule making it tough to cook dinners at home.  Thursday night we went over to our favorite pizza place, Messengers.  They have a great salad bar, offer really good beer and they have some great vegetarian options that we love.  One guilty pleasure, I’m sorry to say, does have cream cheese on it (definitely not vegan) – called the jalapeño popper. I don’t think I have to say how guilty I feel after eating it but it is really good.
We are struggling to cut out dairy completely because there are some things we just really enjoy.  Still, we have cut way back and are using alternatives where it makes since for us.  Some things that we really like (and you won’t miss the dairy) are Vegenaise and Earth Balance.  I also really enjoy almond milk as my milk substitute but for recipes I’m still experimenting with what works best.  Small steps…

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